Saturday, October 10, 2009

how fast the days fly

I realized I have not updated my blog in awhile. Darn that facebook! We have been busy this fall with various things. Along with our already busy lives, Clark started preschool and we have all been canning up a storm. We have really been enjoying this fall weather. We have had to turn on our furnace already ! I even changed out the thermostat myself. The kids are growing up fast. Clark is getting good with letters, numbers, colors and shapes. He is also starting to really listen and understand everything we say. (agh!) Caitlyn will be walking soon I think. She is all charm and shy grace. I am starting another round of weight watchers, and I am enjoying working out with my sister still. Chad is always busy with projects when he is home from work. Right now he is working on a train table for Clark that also converts into a ping pong table. We are all happy.

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