Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Memorial Day Pics

We had a great memorial weekend this year. We went to Wyoming to see Chads family. We got to visit with Chads brother Joe and watch as he blessed their new son James. He is a real cutie. We also got to go paintballing, which I have to admit was a little intense for me. Clark shot his first real gun with his dad helping, but his favorite was the paintball gun because he liked "checking" where he had hit the target. We also hunted asparagus, but no animals this time of year. We did come back with a moose though. It was Chad's dads, but we decided it needed to come and visit our basement family room for awhile. Clark wanted it in his room, but we declined the offer. Carene, (Chads sister) and her family brought their pigme goats and we all got a turn bottle-feeding them. It was great fun. Clark thought it was cool until he was sitting there screaming while the goats licked his hair. I have heard of cow-licks, but goat-licks? We also visited the graveyard. It makes this momma awfully sad every time we visit our dear little darling Elena. I miss what could have been.

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